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please remember, Reports are not legal findings

When Can I Request Reports?

Upon finalization of all reports and closing the case, you will be able to request reports through the Coroner's office. Reports will not be available until after the case is officially closed. 

Although The Franklin County Coroner's Office works closely with the Kentucky State Medical Examiner in Frankfort, we are two separate offices. This is a common misconception. Our Office investigates deaths that have occurred within Franklin County, therefore, we can only release reports for Franklin County cases. If you are seeking a report for a loved one who passed in another county, please contact that county's coroner's office.

How Do I Obtain Reports? 

You may obtain a report by email through our contact form or by phone. Please have the decedent's name and date of death available upon request. You will be required to pick up the reports and sign for them with proper identification unless otherwise arranged by Coroner personnel. 

How Do I Obtain a Death Certificate? 

Death certificates take approximately 2-4 weeks for completion unless an autopsy or toxicology tests are performed. In the case of an autopsy or toxicology, the death certificate will be certified by the Coroner in approximately 16-20 weeks.


The funeral director you have chosen to handle final arrangements for your loved one can assist you in getting copies of the death certificate.

Also, a copy can be obtained from:

Department of Vital Statistics

275 E. Main Street 1EA

Frankfort, KY 40621

(502) 564-4212

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